Can Cataract Surgery Protect Against Dementia?

This article might make your decision more straightforward if you question getting cataract surgery. Not only can the correction of cataracts improve your quality of life, but new studies suggest cataract surgery may help protect you against dementia.

A study published in Jama Internal Medicine found that developing dementia was 29% lower for individuals who've had cataract surgery versus people with similar traits who didn't have the surgery. While this information sounds remarkable, it's important to note that more research is required to say definitively whether or not cataract surgery helps with dementia.

Other studies have taken a look at why cataract surgery may help with dementia. One study explores the idea that impaired vision caused by cataracts can lead to reduced sensory input to the brain. Reduced input means reduced simulation, leading to a loss of brain function. Additionally, vision loss due to cataracts could lead you into a depressive state. Depression could increase the chance of developing dementia.

We do not know enough about the link between cataract surgery and dementia, and future studies will continue. However, there are some other exciting factors and benefits to consider in the meantime. For example, did you know that cataract surgery has also been thought to help with depression, encourage a longer life span, and reduce the risk of falling?

If you're struggling with vision, don't wait until it worsens. Talk to a doctor or medical professional about the benefits of cataract surgery today.

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