EverTears Innovative Dry Eye Treatment Expands

An effective treatment for dry eyes has emerged from a collaboration between an industry leader in dry eye treatment and an innovative medical device startup. Mann Eye Institute and ThermaMEDx partnered to evaluate EverTears, a novel combination of a self-heating eye compress with a pre-moistened cleansing pad.

Carl Sweat, a co-founder of ThermaMEDx, said that EverTears is designed to provide a convenient, affordable, over-the-counter dry eye solution that is similar to standard, in-office treatments. With precise heat and eyelid cleaning, the novel patented technology provides relief for dry eyes and restores the eyes’ natural tear film.

Dr. Dana Ondrias, Mann Eye Institute CEO and Executive Director, said, “Just as our founder, Dr. Mike Man, was one of the first doctors in America to perform refractive surgery in 1981, our dedicated staff embraces innovative solutions that advance patient care. Our doctors and staff began administering EverTears treatment for dry eye patients last year and we’ve been pleased with both patient feedback and improvement in their underlying MGD.”

Ben Nobles, co-founder of ThermaMEDx, said, “Texas is the epicenter of dry eye disease in America and innovative organizations like Mann Eye Institute are at the forefront of bringing the latest technologies to their patients. We are committed to support the implementation of EverTears as the best treatment for dry eyes related to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).”

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